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'''Natural Snow Buildings''' is a duo from France, consisting of artists Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte. They play music which can be classified as experimental psychedelic folk with drone elements and ambient influences. Formed in 1997, they released numerous albums, many of them in extremely limited quantities. Both members of Natural Snow Buildings release music also as solo artists: Mehdi Ameziane as TwinSisterMoon and Solange Gularte as Isengrind.
Alias| origin = Paris, France
GenreDrone music|Drone, Psychedelic Folk, Experimental music|Experimental, Lo-fi, Ambient music|Ambient, Post-rock
Years active1997-present
LabelsBa Da Bing, Blackest Rainbow, Students of Decay, Digitalis Industries, Vulpiano Records, Dull Knife, Handmade Birds, Primary Numbers
Associated actsIsengrind, Twinsistermoon
Current membersMehdi Ameziane
Solange Gularte
Past members}}
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